Start using our services

Becoming a client of the firm to use our services is easy. You simply have to provide us with some information about yourself so that we can verify your identity, and so that we can submit your claim.

There is a simple sign-up form for you to complete and you can either email us the requested information or upload it to our secure document server.

Making your first claim?

You want is to check if you are eligible for a SED claim, and if you qualify then you want us to prepare your first claim.

We need the new client information from you, plus a fully refundable payment of £50 towards the work we need to undertake to establish if you can claim.

We aim for a 48 hour turn around, and normally achieve 4-6 working hours.

I'm an old salt

If this is the first time using our services, then  we need the new client information and the simplified form - so you only send us the information we need to complete your Return.

This is simple, quick and easy and is designed to meet your needs.

Your time is precious and you want your claim dealt with quickly.

We target a 24 hour turn around for the completed tax return.

Complex affairs

You are looking for a bespoke service at a fixed price, with the knowledge that we can deal with it for you?

That's us.

We will need more information and more detail from you, via email or our secure document server, and we wll agree a price for completing the Tax Return for you.

If you prefer to email us the information then click here for the link.

Paying for our services by ebanking

Paying us

If you are a new client and want us to check your eligibility for SED, we look for a small refundable payment of £50 towards the work we will undertake.  This payment will reduce your final fee, or if you are not eligible, it will be refunded in full.

If you are due a tax refund, then you don't pay us until we get the refund, and we will deduct our fee from the refund before sending you the balance.

Otherwise, we will invoice you only once the work has been completed in full and the Tax Return submitted

Our other services

We aren't just limited to preparation of SED claims, as a full servfice accountancy practice we can provide you with tax advice in many jursidictions and deal with virtually all tax issues that may arise.

We also specialise in Norwegian taxes, and we are happy to provide you with a one-stop shop for UK/Norway tax issues.

Nicolson Accountancy provde a full range of services

Next Steps...

Your next course of action is to contact us today, by email, phone or via our online form.

Then create an account and upload the paperwork to our secure document server, and we will do the rest for you.