First claim

If you are making your first SED claim, or aren't sure if you qualify, then contact us for a free qualification check.

The  rules aren't that simple or straight forward but we make it easy for you.  We will need you Discharge Book, shops log and details of your foreign holidays. plus deals of your previous employment.

If you don't qualify then there is no cost.  If you do qualify, then we discount your final fee.

Repeat claim

If you are sure that you qualify for SED then you may be looking for an efficient tax service.

If you don't need us to check your days or read the ship's logs, then we can process your return quickly and efficiently.

You don't pay us until any refund is issued and we don't waste your time with unnecessary questions.

More complex affairs?

If you have property you rent out; a pension; or investments that may or may not be taxable in the UK, then our enhanced service may be for you.

Perhaps you simply want to reclaim your National Insurance, or makke voluntary payments.

It may be that you part qualify for SED with multiple employments.

Maybe you need tax planning advice.  This is the service for you.

Experience and knowledge

Born out of the marine tradition in the Western Isles of Scotland, we have been helping seafarers claim tax back for over 30 years.

We know exactly how to prepare and submit claims, and we use technology to make this simple and straight forward for you.

We don't make you jump through hoops that aren't necessary - you are busy, for goodness sake - and the internet connection from Equitorial Guinea may not be the best.

You want an efficient service from someone who understands what you do and how the tax laws apply.

We cannot promise to be there as you circumvent the Straits of Malacca, or cross the Gulf of Corryveccan, but we will protect you from Blackbeard of the Revenue

You want a quick refund; a sensible fee; and, a great attitude to clients.

Welcome: you have found us.

save your income from hmrc

Next Steps...

Now is the time to contact us to get your tax affairs in order.  Join with our professional team today.